After a brief stop in Raleigh, I headed out to St. Louis for a few days. The trip was a short one, but was packed with a job interview, a Cardinals game, an extensive downtown/midtown tour of STL, some great meals along with some tasty beers, and some quality family time. Similar to most trips, I wish I could have stayed longer, but who knows…maybe I’ll go back and stay for a much longer period of time. J

But hands down, I felt pretty spoiled throughout the two days. Front row seats behind home plate, with an all you can eat buffet and beer service, and VIP parking? Are you kidding me? (You da man Uncle Tom!) Getting an extensive tour of 6 different areas of St. Louis to possibly live in, topped with the best rib-eye and beers, plus getting a car and a place to stay?? Talk about some family love! (Shout out to Bill and Kris!) And some fun nights with cousins to help me get the taste of life in the Lou. (Sam, Ruth, Luke, Tara, I’m talking about you!).

All in all, my trip to St Louie was a refreshing break from the east coast, not to mention I think my interview went pretty well. J It was crazy to see hints of Richmond and Raleigh in St. Louis, and I could really see myself moving there in the future!

-the all you can eat buffet was pretty classy, but Sam made sure to keep it real with some bread and butter

-yup, that’s the view from my front row seats. #luckytoknowmyuncletom

-not pictured: gma’s manhattan

-free beer!

-she’s so hip

-guessing the reason Wainwright gave up quite a few hits was because of the face in the distance. (insert Title of post reference)

-this is my sorry attempt at trying to make up for the fact that I didn’t get a picture with my great hosts. Bill, Kris, and Ruth, stay cool y’all!

-I don’t know what this building is, but who cares… Luke and Tara’s rooftop deck and view is sick. And so are they! Not pictured: Charles

-so much love for these two. Also not pictured: Cousin Jaxson running away from my camera

St. Louis, you da bomb! Thanks for a great trip!

Next stop: Raleigh, NC