Recently I’ve been coming across these great YouTube videos that either serve as the best (as well as my only) ab workout each week or serve as great reminders of how many truly amazing people there are in this world.

Four videos in particular have stood out in my mind as must-shares. I’ve structured them in a way that aligns with one of my biggest mottos that you guys might have remembered me mention a few months back (plus a special twist at the end):

Be silly:

Be honest:


ok, I know, this isn’t a video. but as a shout out to my sister Jill for having her first baby girl this month, I thought I’d share one of her favorite moments of being a big sister to me :)

Be kind:

And be so incredibly mature, compassionate, loving, and understanding as this 8 yr old, whose pledge and dedication to his brother is not only inspiring and moving, but is also a BIG reminder of how precious life is and how much difference we all can make in each other’s lives. 

So if you’re ever in need of a laugh, or a smile, or a feel-good moment, make your way to Youtube and troll around for a few minutes. You’re bound to find a few gems that will 9 times out of 10 brighten your day in some way.

And let’s not forget how thankful we are for that Louisiana hot sauce…