One of the perks about being a wedding videographer, is that you get to listen to a variety of great toasts and speeches at the reception. The best man usually gets up there and unveils several incriminating, while still family-friendly memories about the groom. Then the maid/matron of honor steps up and reminisces on all the fashion disasters the bride used to rock back in the day. And then a parent of the bride and/or groom gets up there and comments on how they thought this day would never come and how light their wallet feels (just kidding :) ), but also about how much they adore their son/daughter and how proud they are of the new couple. But then when all the embarrassing stories and sentimental moments are done, some of the toasts end with a few words of wisdom and reminders about the next step. And usually (or at least the last few weddings I’ve been to) they say something like, “Always remember these three things..” or “Our family has always lived off of these three things…”

Well, the other day I found the above image on Pinterest, and I decided that those would be ‘my three things.’

There’s no telling what tomorrow will bring. Some days are going to be super stressful and busy. Some days nothing will go right. There are a lot of things we can’t control, we can’t predict. But we can control how we go about them. No matter what kind of day it turns out to be, I will always try to ‘be silly, be honest, and be kind.’ And that hopefully by remembering to be those three things, each day will end on a good note :)

What are your three things?