During undergrad, whenever I was given the open road for a project, I always tried to incorporate video. I just love the concept of being able to tell a story through a compilation of narration, camera angles, and music. I love how you can film an experience one way, and then edit the video to make it look completely different (usually not recommended, I know, but totally possible!). Different from photography, I like how videography allows you to not only capture a moment, but the story that leads up to it.

For the past two years I have worked as a second videographer for Southern Video Design, mainly filming weddings in the NC and VA areas. In addition to learning more about the mechanics of the camera and how to work with lighting, I’ve learned how to cater my filming skills to the specific task at hand. Each bride, each groom, each wedding is different, and it requires you to look through the lens as if you were actually them.

Here are a few videos I’ve done on my own. Feel free to view my YouTube channel to see the rest!

HSD Video 1 of 3:

High School Diplomats is a cultural exchange program between Japanese and American high school students. This video explains why the counselors think this program is unlike any other summer program out there. (made in FCE)

HSD Video 2 of 3:

Current and former staff members talk about how they heard about the program, why they participated, and if they had any hesitations going in. They end the video with a personal message to all potential students. (made in FCE)

HSD Video 3 of 3:

HSD staff members reveal what HSD means to them, and why they find themselves coming back to the program every year. (made in FCE)

Marklin Financial Services – John Marklin, owner

John wanted a video that showed his experience and his loyalty while also showing his fun personality. This video is located on his website at www.marklinfinancial.com (made in iMovie “08)

Downtown Design Studio – Raleigh, NC
The Downtown Design Studio is an extension of the College of Design at NC State University. I created this video as a way to promote the Downtown Design Studio and create awareness to students and the Raleigh community. (made in iMovie ’08)