OK, so Raleigh isn’t a new city, I get it. But it was nice to regroup before my big trip to the west coast with some of my favorite people. It’s been just about two months since I’ve been to Raleigh, and in Shannon-post-grad-time, this is a long time. So the weekend kicked off with me finding out I didn’t have to work a wedding, giving me an extra day to hang out, relax, and tie up some loose ends.

Friday took me back to the good ol’ days with dinner and drinks at the ol’ Natty Greene’s, followed by a girl’s night out with Emily and Kristi at the Hibernian. Despite choosing a booth with a leak in the roof and realizing that the reason we were the only ones at the bar at first was because it was only 7pm, it was really great to catch up with each other.

Saturday started off with lunch at Slammin’ Sammy’s to watch the NC State game where we won’t talk about how we barely squeaked out a W against UConn, how Kristi only got 9 buffalo bites instead of 10, and how again…we were the only people at the bar at first…ordering a pitcher of beer before noon. Scratch that, we aren’t ashamed of the last part! After a solid mid-afternoon nap, it was time for a cookout and game night. And I’d have to say, the combination of Cranium and Mad Gab has got to be the best recipe for embarrassing moments, ridiculous cases of the giggles, and coming to the conclusion that a station wagon and a PEZ dispenser are the hardest things to draw, not to mention with your eyes closed.

And then Sunday rounded out the weekend with a delicious brunch and a ton of football. I wanted to especially thank Chase Massey for welcoming me into the world of fantasy football with such open arms and beating me by 70 pts. But I wanted to give an even bigger shout out to the best roommate around, Emily, for not only driving me to the airport at 5:15am on Monday, but cooking a gourmet dinner the night before.

From freshman Wolf Camp to awkward, blurry pictures at a bar… these guys are the best.

Potentially the worst group pic we’ve taken ever, but we have learned from it and moved on. Steven’s just pissed he’s not in Disney World yet.

Cranium: it’s a lot funnier than it looks

True life: I have a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design (2pts for a correct guess)

Let’s pause for a Kodak moment. Having the honor to stand next to Kristi when she gets married next August. So happy for you girl!

The gourmet meal I was telling you about. Yea, let’s talk about it.

Raleigh, you’ve always been good to me. I’ll be back soon enough!

Next stop: Portland, OR