A couple weeks ago, my sister shared with me this classic photo she found on Pinterest. I could hear her laughing through the computer, she thought it was so funny. A week or so later she visited Richmond for a weekend, and during dinner she showed me the picture once again and laughed even harder than before.

But I gotta admit, the picture is hilarious. And it epitomizes our relationship. In fact, the dynamic works just the same whether I imagine the baby on the left being my sister or my brother (obviously I’m always the one on the right). Growing up we always picked on each other. You could say it was mainly one-sided, but after a while (meaning just a few years ago) I learned how to get my swings in here and there. And if you’ve been around my family long enough, you’ve definitely heard of all the childhood stories…like the one where we created our own Winter Olympics during one of the many blizzards in Reading, PA, and I was picked to be Nancy Kerrigan while my brother posed as Tonya Harding and chased after me with one of those Flintstone plastic bats. Or when we reenacted ALL of the scenes of Aladdin, and while Jill and Jeff were Jasmine and Aladdin.. I was fortunate enough to be either the camel in the opening scene, one of the guys from the market Aladdin steals bread from, or my favorite.. Abu.

But through all the tough love and sarcastic jabs at the youngest sibling… they were, and always have been there for me. They’ve always been there to listen and give advice. They’ve always included me in their circle of friends and made me feel welcomed. And most importantly, they’ve always set good examples, and have been incredible people to look up to (whether they’re aware of it or not).

So even though I don’t have someone to share Valentine’s day with necessarily, knowing that I have two people who will be there no matter what, is more than enough for me. :)

And since I started it off on a funny note, I thought I’d end it on one too. Here’s a link to an eCard I got from my lovely father today. Out of all the President’s Day, Halloween, and other holiday’s I didn’t even know existed, I’ve got to say… this is the best one yet. (Thanks Pops, you’re the best!). So enjoy folks, and Happy Valentines Day to all the lovahs out there.