It’s January. The start of a new year and the start of a lot of lofty New Year’s resolutions. I will definitely admit that I am one of those people who always says, “oh I’ll start that tomorrow,” or “January is in a few weeks I’ll start doing that then.” There’s something about setting that future goal that is so appealing and seems so attainable. And then January actually rolls around and you realize the goals aren’t going to get carried out on their own.

I can also admit to being the type of person who not only thinks of nearly impossible resolutions, but too many nearly impossible resolutions. Fortunately my mom came to the rescue this year and informed me that people should only make two resolutions, so that they are easier to remember and easier to stick to. I sadly looked at my list of 12 resolutions and realized I needed to bring out the ol’ red pen.

So I narrowed my list down to three things.

1. Lose x amount of weight

2. Do something everyday (and I don’t mean something as in shower or take out the trash. I’m talking things like making progress on a personal video project, read a few chapters in a book, blog, maybe even try to learn a few words in a different language. Doing something extra that helps me keep moving forward.)

And lastly
3. Open up more

At the moment I’m feeling pretty good about the list. Not only do I think they are doable, but I think that if I actually follow through, I will become a better person. I also like my list because overall it helps me stay aware. It’ll remind me to keep in shape and that good health should be a big priority. It’ll help me stay productive and hungry for learning new things and challenging myself. And it’ll make me more aware that relationships with friends and family are extremely important, and that opening up more often will only make me stronger.

Out of the three, #3 is by far my biggest challenge. I’m hoping to work towards it everyday, and I’m hoping you’ll help me along the way.

Happy new year everyone!