The other day I was watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The family had just lost their dad to metastasis melanoma, and their house was falling apart. As the mother showed Ty the house, they came across a quote that their dad always repeated to his family:

“Lots of things to think about, nothing to worry about.”

But with the stress of losing his job, being diagnosed with a terminal disease, and having his house fall apart, how could he not worry about anything?

It was the way he viewed the situation. To him, his family had a lot of things they needed to think about. A lot of things they needed to keep on their mind, and figure out how to either fix them, or how to just get by. But it was nothing they had to worry about, because they had each other. At that moment, they had each other’s love, and that’s all that mattered.

It’s hard not to worry about things, no matter how big or small it may be. But by “worrying,” we lose sight of the bigger picture. We lose sight of all the positives in our life, all the people we’ve come in contact with along the way, and all the great opportunities we’re faced with daily. We lose sight of all the accomplishments we’ve made, and all the good times we’ve had.

To me, the quote is yet another reminder. To change the way I view obstacles, and to always look beyond what’s in front of me. It’s a new perspective…a new take on life…and I think it’s definitely worth trying out.

And it’s also just one more reason why I love watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition, gets me every time!