Pretty much every time I hang up the phone with my friend Ben, we end it like this..

“Alright just call me later”
“Yea I’ll KIT”
“Yea…just KIT”

K.I.T. or Keep In Touch, is a term I throw around lightly with friends. But, as simple as it is to say, it’s not as easy to put into practice. When we graduate from school, when we move to different cities, when we change jobs, we sometimes lose touch with some of our friends. We don’t mean to, it just kind of happens. We don’t want to, but the longer we’re a part, the harder it gets to keep in touch.

It takes effort, that’s for sure. From both sides, too. But it’s worth it.

I try to keep in touch with everyone, but I have to admit, I’m not the best at it. And I think what holds me back sometimes, is the fact that when it gets to be several months, or even years since I’ve last spoken to someone, I feel weird about reaching out to them. It’s like I feel if they were to see my name pop up on their Caller ID, that they would immediately think, “Wow, Shannon’s calling…that’s weird.” Call me crazy, but that thought has definitely ran through my head several times.

Facebook has made it easier most of the time, but I don’t think it’s enough of an effort. It’s more convenient, but it’s less personal. It’s a cop out, if you ask me. But still, I’m guilty of resorting to it at times. So this post is not a rant about the impersonality of Facebook, but more of me coming to a realization that no matter how awkward or uncomfortable I may feel about keeping in touch with an old friend, I should still make the call.

Not because someone’s telling me I need to do so, and not because I feel obligated to do so, but because I want to. Because the friendship I’m wanting to rekindle, is so worth it.