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So this week I’m making the move to the midwest. St. Louis, Missouri. Home to the best sports fans in the country, the arch, Anheuser-Busch, countless casinos, and about 65 of my relatives. I’ll be living downtown in my very own artist loft. Yes, the place where people potentially throw paint up on the walls, drink a bunch of wine and talk about how fascinating and expressive it is. And I say ‘potentially’ not because that… doesn’t really happen… I say it because I’m not quite sure about the rules and limitations of the apartment complex yet :)

Regardless, I am nothing less than ecstatic to soon be living in a new city, and can’t wait for all the exciting adventures ahead.

But with that said, it is also kind of bittersweet to be leaving Virginia, where I have spent the last 17 years of my life. I’ll be leaving the city that is home to many of my nearest and dearest friends…. aka all those childhood friends and parents who stood by me through ALL the awkward hair styles and through all of my ridiculous fashion decisions (a 1st grader in tims and a huge Tigger sweatshirt, seriously guys?).

Richmond is where I learned all of the important stuff. Like, that turkey sandwiches taste way better with Doritos in-between the bread. Or that getting dropped off by your mom in HS was wayyyyy cooler than having to ride that dreadful yellow bus (But if you did have to take the bus for some reason, that you made sure to stand, not sit, in the back of the bus). Richmond is where I learned how to play kick the can, manhunt, and Last Chance. Richmond is where I co-founded a club called the Kreative Kids Klub and put on magic shows, circus routines, and guinea pig races for the neighborhood kids. And Richmond is where I preceded to co-adopt a manatee with all the money we raised at such fairs. For the short time I could actually touch my toes, I decided to take on karate, where I experienced my first regret: quitting a belt before black (*SMH). Virginia is where I was dubbed the name Shay, Shay Shay, Shanaynay, Shaydiz, Shanny, and everyone’s favorite… ‘Jeff’s little sister.’ Richmond is where I often passed the time by playing pool in our bonus room while blasting a mix CD of the Backstreet Boys, 98 degrees, Nsync, and Hanson. It was here that I also learned, much later, that such an activity was not a cool thing to do.

I had my fair share of themed bday parties, art projects, and collectibles (beanie babies, poggs, and the Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ series to name a few). I participated in about every after school activity, sport, community service project, and spirit competition growing up to bore a stranger for about a week. I learned how it felt to lose at an early age thanks to the hundreds of ping pong matches, basketball one-on-one’s, and.. let’s face it.. ANY sort of game I played against my brother. (Thanks Jeff!). And most recently, I learned how… entertaining it is to have your parents for roommates :)

Richmond will always be home to me because of all of the above, and much more. Most of my immediate family is here, and most of my childhood is here. No matter what St. Louis brings me, or whichever city after that, I will always remember all that Richmond has given and taught me over the years. Because after all, it’s here in Richmond that I gained one of the most important assets of all: the courage and confidence to move away and know I can make it on my own.

*shaking my head


If I’ve spoken to you in the past month or two, I’ve told you that I’m looking to move to a different city. Which city you ask? Who knows. It changes with the day of the week. East coast, west coast, south, 2 hours away, you get the point.

But what does stay the same, is that itch to go SOMEWHERE. I figure that at this point in my life, I have the opportunity to move to a new city and start over. Richmond has always been great to me, don’t get me wrong. Living here since 1st grade and creating most of my childhood memories in the West End has been nothing but fantastic. Living in Raleigh for four years in college, and one year following was also time well spent. I am very fortunate for the friends I’ve made in both cities; down to earth, funny people who liked me for me. The comforting thing to know while I ponder over this idea, is that no matter where I end up, the friendships I’ve made and kept will definitely survive the move.

So the search is on. This week I’m headed to Charlotte to see some old college friends. My intention for going is not only to catch up and hang out with people I haven’t seen in a while, but also get a better feel for the city, and try to imagine myself living there. Charlotte has always been near the top of my list for cities to move to, so let’s see what this weekend does to its rankings.

And as a side note, my goal for this series of posts is to 1) update you on the ongoings of my life b) share my thoughts on possible new cities for me and iii) to hopefully hear from you guys about your views on these different cities or if there should be other places that I should consider. (kudos to Katie Lackey for the idea).

Anyways, on to the 704.