Tuesday was dedicated to Fremont and Ballard. My brother’s good friend from college used to live in this area and suggested visiting it because it was dubbed the new, and upcoming place for younger people to live. This time I wore tennis shoes, and was ready to take on any long-distance walking paths, hills, and even freakishly long bridges.

To summarize the day, I went to several parks, ate at really delicious restaurants, walked up and down the main streets, and capped off the night with a few brewskis at one of the local bars. It was a low key day as far as sight-seeing, and was more of taking in the culture of the creative city and just doing the normal, non-touristy things. Ya know, like eating and drinking. With the occasional act of taking a picture of a random statue or sign.

But if you ever go to Seattle, make sure to visit Fremont and Ballard (by the way the crew from Deadliest Catch docks their boat in Ballard. I didn’t see them, but it’s still a fun fact). Both are a lot of fun and really seem like the places to be. Not to mention the gorgeous views that surround the cities.

Fremont bridge. Purrty.

View on top of Gas Works Park. Not pictured: A sorority learning their secret sorority songs. They were just as awkward and secretive as I remember.

I was starting to get the hang of skyline pictures after my 30th attempt. Not bad for the ol’ iPhone 4. These are views from Gas Works park as well. Beautiful start to the day IMO!

Left: No explanation for the statues, nor the accessories, but funny nonetheless. Right: This is the Fremont troll, located underneath Fremont Road. Kind of a freaky and sad story that comes with the meaning behind this statue. FB me if you want the details!

Left: This is the point of the trip where I decided to collect (cough.. steal) the coasters from all the breweries I went to. The bartender was from St. Louis. Go redbirds! Right: A restaurant had a huge rocket ship attached to it. NBD.

Right: That’s cactus in my queso people. Pretty darn good if you ask me. Don’t think I ate this dish the correct way though. New phrase for trying new things: Try the cactus.

Left: On my walk to Ballard (3 miles), I really enjoyed seeing all the artwork and different styled buildings. Fremont’s got some cool typography going on. Right: This is a picture of my best friend for the ten day trip. Definitely a cheap date if you ask me. But you know what wasn’t cheap? The orange juice that I had to buy in order to sit in this coffee shop. I guess when you’re desperate for an outlet to charge your phone and need to rest your legs, $3.58 for orange juice is reasonable…..right? :) (And sorry..just not a coffee drinker either. I know, I know…I’m not American)