I came across this video on Twitter (shout out to Courtney Simons for posting it!) the other day, and thought it deserved to be recognized once more.

Meet Johnny Barnes. Johnny Barnes dedicates 6 hours of his day to greet the people of Bermuda. SIX hours. EVERY day. He stands on the corner of a street and simply waves, blows kisses, and tells each person to enjoy their day and that he loves them.

Some were worried Johnny’s actions would cause controversy. Others would try to avoid him because they were having a bad day and wanted to hold on to their angry moment for a few more minutes. And a few Bermudians admit to assuming at first that Johnny would ask them for money if they slowed down, or happened to stop their car near him. But all of them would soon have to eat their words when Johnny would instead pass on positive words of encouragement and love, ask for nothing in return, and as a result brighten their day.

The video speaks for itself, but here are a couple of quotes and thoughts I took from it:

  • “He reminds me that everyday we have a choice on how we want to start our day”
  • “One of the greatest joys that can come to an individual is when you’re doing something and helping someone, and see the reaction on their face” -Johnny
  • It’s yet another example of how a small gesture can make a big impact on someone else

Some would say his actions are a little excessive or that he comes off a tad creepy with his comments, but what it really boils down to is Johnny Barnes’ actions ┬áremind people to not take every little thing so seriously and hopefully will bring smiles back to people’s faces.

MY hope is that this video spreads to as many people as possible, and that friendly gestures (ie. waving, smiling, making eye contact, etc) start becoming the next #trend.