Your birthday is…

…obviously the best day of the year. Or the best week, or even the best month depending on the person (cough… Jill… cough)
…the one day in particular that you are encouraged (or forced…depending on the age or choice in friends) to drink way more than you should.
…the one day when sometimes, weirdly enough, you get “sick” and can’t go to school or work.

But that’s just because your birthday is the day when you get to do whateverrrrr you want :) (also depending on your age, your choice in friends, and how close your parents live to you!)

Your birthday is…

…when you find yourself searching for any ache or pain in your body because people keep asking you if you feel older. And coincidentally enough (again, the age thing), you realize you might actually feel a bit more rusty than the day before.
…when you realize how many special people are in your life. But then you’re overwhelmed in thinking if you need to respond to everyone’s text and FB posts, or if simply “liking” each post or sending a general thank you post is sufficient enough :)
…when you step back and thank your parents for not only surviving those brutal nine months, but also the exhausting # of years following.

But it is also the day your mom reminds you of all the painful memories of that actual day, and that your birthday doesn’t technically start until 2pm because you took so daggone long to come out ;)

Your birthday is…

…the best because it is the one time every year that all of your favorite people come together to celebrate.

But it can also be the worst (for lack of a better term), because of the terrifying thought that today marks the day that you are one year older…. one year closer to being really old, and really grown-up, and really responsible. It is definitely a hard thought to digest, especially considering the difficulty of actually swallowing a thought ;) But then when you step back and remember how blessed we are to be where we are, with the people we are with, everything becomes great again.

If you haven’t figured out already, today is my birthday and I have hit the quarter-life century mile-marker. No, I do not having any additional aches and pains ;) but I do, unfortunately, feel a bit more grown-up. This year I will be moving to St. Louis, eventually starting a new career, and beginning the next phase in my life. The past 25 years has definitely been a blast.. filled with great friends and family, awesome trips and vacations, one or two slightly tipsy nights, several embarrassing moments (that may or may not have gone hand in hand), and many more milestones and memories.

Birthdays are the best, because it gives you an excuse to treat yo self, and no one is allowed to be mean to you. But it is also a chance for us to realize how far we have come, and where we want to go tomorrow. So happy bday to me, my homegirl Anna Wood, Hilary Clinton, and Pat Sajak.