Saturday was a big travel day. Returning my sweet ride, and hopping on the train to Seattle was pretty much the extent of the day. With my most recent travels being in the car or Megabus back home, I forgot how luxurious Amtrak rides were. And the view (I feel like this is the theme of my last 4 posts) was again.. wait for it… amazing. Paired with some Swedish fish and a Diet Coke, I was ready for Seattle.

But then we arrived, and I quickly realized I wasn’t in Portland anymore, and that Seattle was a pretty big city. The metro link system was confusing, the bus system was even more confusing. GoogleMaps, I love you to death, but you definitely keep trying to send me on the most inconvenient bus routes, my first one resulting in a 5 block, 45 degree incline walk, with all my luggage. Not cool dude.

The rest of the night I tried to see the night life of downtown, but also realized that this was much harder to do by yourself, and as a girl for that matter. But it’s typical downtown style, and I was just naive about the whole situation since I was fresh off my Portland-fantasy-days. So my night ended with actually a very delicious sushi dinner (sushi always makes me feel better), and a scenic walk home to my bed. Tomorrow would be better right?

Eh, not really. With high hopes of scalping a ticket for the Seahawks/Cowboys game to cheer on Russell Wilson in person, I didn’t know football in Seattle was so “big-time.” There were about 300 people trying to buy, and only about 20 people selling. And they weren’t people, they were scammers. Charging $200-$300 for tickets that were only about $80-$100 in value. Ridic. And this was still the case in the 2nd quarter! Outrageous. Again, being a girl in a bigger city in this environment takes some strength, so after a while I retreated to the local bar to watch Russell smoke dem Cowboys.

So the weekend was kind of a flop, but I think I was also pretty tired from all the traveling thus far. It wasn’t a good start to the Seattle experience, but I still kept a little hope for the rest of my days here. You win some, you lose some. Luckily the Seahawks won, and I won both my Fantasy games! (sorry Pops). But there’s always tomorrow.

Everyday isn’t going to be omg-the-most-amazing-day-ever, and I was definitely reminded of that this weekend. But there is plenty to see and do in Seattle, it’s just a matter of taking on the day with a new mindset, and possibly in a different direction :)

Seeing the space needle. Check.