Nope. I’ve never hiked before. Or at least I don’t have a vivid memory of hiking in the past. Just something about constantly having to walk uphill, never really knowing how long 4.5 miles is really going to take, and the possibility of tripping over tree roots has never really been on my list of to-dos. But here in Portland, people hike. So, I hiked. A man from Bailey’s Tap Room suggested the 4-T trail, which stood for the four T’s that make up the route. Trolley, Tram, Trail, and Train. And I though, hmm, 3 legs of the trip don’t require any physical exertion. This is my kind of hike.

And let me tell you, one leg was plenty. My butt still hurts. The 4 mile hike kicked more than just my butt, too. But here’s what I learned from my first hiking experience:

Don’ts (not sure how to really go about the apostrophe placement. Emily and Mom, don’t kill me)

  1. Don’t just bring a half a bottle of water. Yes, I’m an idiot.
  2. Don’t start off wearing a jacket, assuming that it’ll be colder as you go up. Yea, I was really hot.
  3. Don’t feel bad that 60+ year olds are passing you, and that they are jogging. Just hope that this is their first time, too.


  1. Do it! The view is worth it.
  2. Bring a camera and a notebook (if you’re the reflective type like myself)
  3. And seriously do it, no matter how badly your body will hurt the next day. It will make that grilled cheese sandwich and maple syrup bacon donut from Voodoo donuts taste that much better. Wait what?

Excitement paired with fear. 0% soreness

The walk to part I: Tram. And, the Tram

Ah, the view of Council Crest Park. The highest point of the city.

85% soreness

Yea, I wasn’t joking about the grilled cheese and maple syrup bacon donut. Highly recommend both. Interesting facts about these two places: the Grilled Cheese Grill offers a sandwich called “the Kindergardener” where they cut off the crust for you. I definitely know people way older than 5 that would prefer this option. And Voodoo donut, the possibilities of donut toppings are endless. I saw some with fruit loops on it, chunks of oreos, and yes, bacon. It’s like french toast, on a donut.

After a quick nap and shower, I headed over to happy hour on the river. I was unfortunately seated next to a few Gamecock fans, but the lady from South Africa who talked about how excited she is to visit me in Virginia was a much better companion.

And to go off of my last post about how small the world is. Let’s talk about the bartender that night went to school at non other than Mills Godwin HS. Class of ’92. Unreal!

Not to mention, the restaurant had some pretty tasty sampler beers. (Yes, I sat down at a bar, by myself, and ordered the sampler of microbrews. But I soon gained a new friend, so I did not drink alone the entireeee night :)) Let’s just focus back on how ridiculously crazy it was that another Henrico County citizen was at the same rando bar as me in Portland.

See ya downtown, on to da mountains. (Next few posts will be about the Columbia River, waterfalls, and the gorge.)