For the past few months, I’ve been working with a good friend, Morgan on her new business adventure. Inspired by her love for gift-giving, Morgan decided to start her own company called Simply Because. Using her creativity and knack for shopping, she has arranged several gift baskets based on these main categories: corporate, collegiate, special occasions, holidays, and everyday.

I’ve been brought onboard as a graphic designer, photographer, web designer, marketer, and as an overall extra set of eyes. It’s been a fun experience, learning more about the business sides of things and having a part in this cool idea. It’s definitely been a learning experience, having to keep the bigger picture in mind, and making sure all the hypothetical situations have been considered and answered. There are still quite a few gray areas that need to be addressed, but I am really excited with the progress and potential Simply Because has.

We’re currently in the process of launching the website, and in the meantime we took some pictures of some of the baskets thus far. Cute, customized, and practical, these baskets are the perfect gift for several occasions. Stay tuned for the official launching of the website, but for now you can check out a sneak peak of some of Morgan’s baskets!


individual pictures of baskets

group picture of baskets